The Philippines: Subic Bay

On our way home, we knew that Subic Bay is not so far away because we can actually see the bay from afar. It really tempted me to ask my dad if we can go to the beach again on our way home.  But first, we crashed my aunties (my dad’s cousins) home, who were very kind enough to cook for us nice Filipino dishes within 4 hours of notice. Haha!

So upon arriving at the beach, we were lucky enough that there were still some cottages where we can stay and leave some of our things behind.  Subic bay is kinda busy and there are lots of foreigners. Well, im not surprised because the place was known before as an American Naval Base in the Philippines.

I liked the beach they have there, it is surrounded with mountains and it is also clean. There are boats and you can also rent jet skis and even do a water hoverboards which is really cool.

Mountains, sunset, banana boats, jet ski,  hoverboard,  restaurant in the middle of the sea.

Mountains, sunset, banana boats, boat, jet ski, hoverboard, restaurant in the middle of the sea.


30th of March 2014

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The Philippines: Iba, Zambales

Our second day in Iba, Zambales.

The main reason why we were in this place is that because my grandma (the sister of my grandma) is now in the Philippines too and we must really meet her during our month vacation.  My grandma let’s us sleep in her wonderful home and gave us very nice food to eat.  We told our grandma that we would like to go swimming at the nearby beach. She can’t go though because she have visitors coming too at her home.

So we went to one of the beach resort in Iba, Zambales. I think the resort was named Herras. I must say that it was pretty decent for a day stay and we were glad that the beach was not crowded at all. We were the only people at the beach, it’s like our own private beach! Lucky!

What did we do?

Swimming and Boating

Swimming and Boating



Playing with starfishes and got some sea urchins.

Playing with starfishes and got some sea urchins.




29th of March 2104

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The Philippines: Zoobic Safari

I did pet a baby tiger! It was such an amazing experience because its not everyday where you can pet a baby tiger.

I’ve been hearing Zoobic Safari for a long time already.  Since we are in the Philippines, I asked my mom and dad if we can go there and of course, we went there.  It is  3 hours drive from Manila. Zoobic Safari is kinda far from the main center of Subic, but it is not difficult to find.  It is kinda in the middle of the mountain. Well, that’s a good thing though because at least the animals feels like they are in their natural habitat. The friendly animals are of course kinda free roaming around the park and the one who are dangerous, they have this big place where they can roam around freely.

What can you actually do in Zoobic Safari?

  • It’s a zoo, so probably roam around and see lots of animals from all around the world.
  • You can feed crocodiles with chicken. (At your expense)
  • You can also buy chicken and let the caretakers feed with their bare hands the tigers and lion while  you are riding a Jeepney.
  • You can have a picture with an owl standing on your shoulders,which I really find cool! (I love owls :) )
  • You can be swarmed by Love Birds.
  • They have this called “Close Encounter with the Tiger” , you are like inches apart from the tiger’s cage.
  • You can meet and greet our famous tribe, the Aetas.
  • They allow you to pet some of the animals and even feed them.
  • You take a tram and enter a secure place where ostriches, wild boars, cows, horses etc are freely walking around the safari. If you are lucky they will approach you too.

And many more… :)

The most funny thing that happened to us is when my sister was peed by a tiger. They say that when a tiger peed on you, you will stink for 3 days. Hahaha. So, my little sister is the laughing stock of our family for being peed by a tiger.

It was a nice hot day, perfect for a Safari adventure!

Group Shot

Group Shot

28th of March 2014

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The Philippines: Mall of Asia

Our second day in the Philippines.

We took it a bit simple, we went to Mall of Asia. It is the biggest mall in the Philippines. It is still one of our family’s favorite hangout! So, what did we actually did there?… We shopped for nice stuffs… for everyone! I love how we spoiled everyone with nice stuffs. :)

We of course roam around and sat at one of our favorite bar restaurant where we can view the sunset of Manila Bay. It was a nice day to chill out but it was also a bit busy because one of the popular Korean actor visited the place.



23rd of March 2014

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The Arrival 2014

The last time that I saw and been with my family was 11months ago. That was April 2013 and now March of 2014 we are back in the Philippines.

I still cried when I saw my whole family, I surely missed them much and I always get emotional when im at the airport. Airports for me is where you can really see the true emotions that people have. From excitement that you are going to travel and learn from other cultures  or to sadness of being far away from your love ones.

I am going to say that I really miss everyone. I love that everybody came to get us from the airport, I feel so special and I can get everybody to hug me at the moment when we landed. All the tiredness from the flight is just gone because all of my love ones are around me.




22nd of March 2014

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Philippines 2014

Who would have thought that we are actually going to the Philippines this year again?

Well, we actually made it as a surprise visit.  We gave my family 2 weeks  notice that we are going to arrive at the end March of 2014. At first my mom’s reaction was like “seriously?!!” then told her to check her email so she can see our flight tickets so she would believe.

My dad even called me and asked once again asked if we are really going home again, they just cant believe it. I love hearing them being shocked and excited at the same time. It just makes me want go home as soon as possible.

It is kinda nice to surprise everyone about the trip. They kinda panicked because of course they have to arrange everything for us, but of course its more of the excitement.

With my side,  I am also excited and happy that I can go home after a year. It’s expensive but no one can actually replace the euphoria that im feeling knowing that im going back home for another ultimate vacation. In the future, I can look back at those memories and share my amazing story to everyone.


Flying high with KLM

Flying high with KLM


21st of March 2014

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The Netherlands: Zaanse Schans (2nd visit)

Visiting Zaanse Schans for the second time.

I still find this place very nice. I find it amusing to be able to get near to the famous Dutch windmills and learn their history. From what I learned, every windmill have its own name. The dutchies are naming their mills according to the purpose or something that means a lot for them, which I think is cool.

Finally, we are now on time when visiting Zaanse Schans. We were early and we have the chance to roam around and see all of the attractions.

Weather at this time was kinda preferable, it’s still cold (like always) but at least no rain which is a win!

This is the time where we were able to see how the clogs were made. Its kinda cool how they made those wooden shoes.

We also went to the cheese store and tasted like all kinds of cheese that Holland can actually offer.

We also went inside a windmill and see how the mill works,  plus we can also buy the nice cinnamon candy and cookies like the speculaas.





14th of February 2014

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