Day 3: Trier, Germany

This is my third day of vacation.  So we decided to move and go to out next destination which is in Luxembourg. But before going to Luxembourg, we did a little detour and went to Trier. It is not far away from our last destination which is in Cochem.

Trier is a city in Germany. It is also beautiful and at the same time busy, unlike the suburbs of Mösel.

In Trier, you can see the Porto Nigra or the large Roman city gate in Germany. It was well preserved and you can actually go tour inside this building. You can go up and have a great view of the whole center of Trier.

After the hour 30 minutes trip of the Porta Nigra, we decided to walk more around the city and found the St. Peter’s Cathedral. It was amazingly big and beautiful.

1st of July 2015

Day 2: Cochem, Germany and other little towns.

Our second day of stay in Cochem, Germany.

Since Cochem is not a big place to explore, we decided to go a bit further and visit one of the nicest places along the river. This day, we visited Bern Kastel. It is a 30 minute drive away from Cochem. It is a bit bigger than Cochem, but you will see the difference with their buildings, the amount of tourists and the surroundings.

We stayed in Bern Kastel for 2 hours to walk and explore what it has to offer. They have lovely buildings and also a nice view of the river. They also have many varieties of shops and restaurants around.  


Slanted house

After visiting Bern Kastel, we looked at the map and thought of going to Monreal. Monreal is one of the places that the owner of the hotel suggested for us to visit. I was actually surprised how beautiful Monreal was.  It is a small town with a lot of very beautiful typical German style houses and I love their bridge on which you can just sit and relax from the sound of the running creek.

Next we went to Burg Eltz. This castle is hidden in the mountains. It is not very easy to find but worth the visit. What I find amazing is that, they still have the antiques of the castle since the 1500’s. There is a guided tour that explains everything about the castle and a museum where you can find all the treasures of the Castle.


And at the end of the day, we went to the center of Cochem and ate at one of the best restaurant there. It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s called Castello.  




Seafood Plate


Mixed Grill

30th of June 2015

Day 1: Cochem, Germany

My week free starts here!

I told my husband that I want to go travelling again within Europe. I want to see a new view other than house-work, work-house routine. So, the first thing I told him, I want to visit Luxembourg. I havent been there yet and I know that it is a very nice country. But, he have a nice suggestion. He told me that we should go first to the Mösel. I dont have an idea what is it, but I told him sure and let’s go.

Mösel, it’s a long river in Germany. Along that river are very nice places too. It is surrounded with mountains, wine gardens and little towns. We ended up staying in Cochem.

First glimpse of the river

Cochem is a little town, with a very nice center and an awesome view of the river. They have mostly the things you needed for travelling. It is also located next to the river. Everywhere there have such a good view of the castle, wine gardens and river. It is a pretty place to relax and enjoy the view.

The little challenge we have in this town is looking for a place to sleep. We did not book a hotel because we want to surprise ourselves with what we can find in the place.

After an hour of looking for a cheap, good place to stay (thanks to tripadvisor) we found a nice bed and breakfast 5km away from the center of Cochem (it is better to be a bit far from the center because it is quieter and money wise to travel). We ended up in Ernst. Tripadvisor reviewers gave 4-5 stars with the b&b, and we are satisfied. It is neat and the owners were really friendly. Tip: in the summer when you want to open the window for fresh air, it is better not to get a room near the street. It could be very loud.

The bed and breakfast

The view from our room

After booking and placing our things in the hotel, we rested a bit (we drove for 4 hours) and then we roamed around again.

The first thing we did, was drove around til we found the chair lift going on the top of the mountain. This is actually the first time for me to go on a chairlift, as usual, the first seconds of the ride made me scared, but after a while, im really enjoying the ride and loving the surroundings.


After the chair lift brought us above, I must say that Cochem is really a beautiful place.

On the top of the mountain

While we were on top, there are walking paths that will lead you to the cliff and get a nice view of the whole town,  you can go hike and from what I believed, they also have this little animal petting farm where you can visit while you are above. We did not have the chance to go there since we are already late and they were closed. Instead, we stayed at the restaurant eating schnitzel, it’s a must because we are in Germany! The restaurant is near the Sesselbahn and it got a great view of the Mosel.

Jager schnitzel FTW!

After our chair lift ride,  we decided to visit the town of Cochem.  It is pretty from the inside, It really shows the typical German houses or buildings. We were a bit late when we arrived in the center so every shop were already closed, only restaurants were open at that time. But I may say that we did really enjoyed that it’s not busy in the center. It gave us the chance to have a clear look of the buildings and explore the center. It is beautiful.

And to finish our day by sitting next to river and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing view.

29th of June 2015

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring World Record

Woohoo! So, yes… We are now a record holder of the Hollandse Nieuwe Haring World Record! It is where 1500 people ate “Haring” raw fish at the same time.  This event was held last 19th of June 2015.

Haring Raw Fish with onions! Typical dutch food.

We are happy to be a part of it and we are proud to say that me and my husband holds a title of a world record! Relationship goal met!

This is the video of the countdown and of course the eating time!  :)  

Im Back!

The reason why I havent posted much the past month is that because… We bought a house :)

I, we are officially owners of a house that is 4 mins away from the beach, a great view of the dunes and also a nice view of the other nearby beach houses.

Well, our house is not that big but it is enough for the 2 of us to have a good start as a married couple. Good vibes on this house, we started it right by making it ourselves, from the floors to the kitchen. Im amazed how handy I have become. I knew how to build some cabinets and make good use of the hammer and nails with screws.

I will post next time the results. I cant wait to finish everything at this moment and just finally chill and live a normal life again. I never knew how tiring is it to move! haha…

Berlin, Germany: Boat Tour

This is the first time for us to visit Berlin during winter.

On our 2nd day in Berlin, me and my whole gang went boating. Well we were lucky that there is still like a boat tour during winter time. We kinda expected that we will not be able to follow our agenda with doing a boat ride because it is unusual to do a boating tour during winter time.

The boat tour is an hour roaming around Berlin. I must say that the tour almost covers most of the tourists spots of Berlin. You can go above the boat and stay there to get the 360 view. In the boat they serve food and drinks, which is nice after the long stay at the top of the boat. The only thing that I find not really nice was that the tour during that time was only spoken in German and we dont speak german. It would be lovely if they also allow english version of the tour even in winter.

Well It was still nice to visit and do a boat ride during winter. We experienced lots of snow this time!


Watch out for the bridge! It’s kinda low.


Berlin 2015

Honeymoon in Berlin!

What is the best way to do after our winter wedding? Be in Berlin with the ones we care and love much.

This time we took the boat tour and saw Berlin at it’s best. We did really have a great time at that time :)


Berlin Boat Tour

31st of January 2015