The Netherlands: Hoorn

This day, we went to Hoorn, Netherlands.

Although it is a bit far from where we live, we decided to visit Hoorn again. We’ve been here before but we didn’t got the chance before to roam around and visit the entire town.

Arriving at Hoorn,  we parked nearby the lake. It was actually already a breathtaking view. You can see the horizon and at the same time enjoy the sunset there.

Walking through the town, I would say that it is actually a nice place to visit. They have nice buildings and gives you a cozy  feeling of just walking around the neighbourhood. It is spacious and have well maintained cultural buildings.


14th of March 2016

The Netherlands: Edam

That day was a nice day to tour around Netherlands. Clear skies and not so cold for the month of march.

We actually don’t have any plan neither know where we want to go spend the whole day. We just decided to head out and drive, checked the navigation and found Edam as our destination. Neither me nor my husband knows what to expect in Edam. It is not near from the place where we were living. We brought our dog, we just don’t want to leave him alone at home.

Arriving at Edam, you can  already see how beautiful the location is. We first asked the locals where to go and they were actually friendly enough to give us tips and at the same time correcting us that Edam is actually not a town but a city. The community of Edam seems to be laid back than in the other cities in the Netherlands. I find it comforting  to see people giving smiles and just enjoying the day.

The thing that I liked about this little city is their bridge. It is where we actually spent most of time there and eating our little sandwich treat. 

The view from the bridge

The next thing that I liked was their little cheese market. It looks authentic dutch. It is not open when we were there but I like the fact that its serene that it gives us more time to appreciate the little city.


Last Day in Brugge, Belgium

Since we already toured around the beautiful city of Brugge the past days that we stayed there, we finally ended our day by going to the Belfort or the Belfry and their beer museum.

The first stop of our last day trip is at the beer museum. We were too early to drink beer during our visit, but we are happy enough to see their collection. I think that this is the biggest collection of beer we’ve ever seen. It has most of the European beers and most specially the Belgian beers. It was fun to visit and it’s free!

After our visit at the beer museum,we decided to go to the  Belfry. So without looking for any information about the Belfry, we dared to visit the said attraction. I used the word “dare” because we knew that we have to visit the top of the tower. We just did not know how far and how many steps would it take us to the top until we read the information by the reception that the tower is 83 meters high with 366 stairs that we have to climb.

We reached the top! We were glad that it was not that too busy during our visit. We got the chance to look and enjoy our panoramic view of Brugge and hear the loud ringing bells of the Belfry.

After our tiring climb of the tower, my husband treated ourselves to some waffle on a stick, Belgian style! Lovely waffle! They really have the best chocolate!

Belgium: Brugge (Day 2)

Day 2: We went boating and walked non-stop.

One thing that is nice to do when you are in Brugge is to do their guided boating tour. It is nice, relaxing and learn the history of Brugge at the same time. Luckily it’s not raining during our visit, it was a perfect day to do the tour.

After our boat trip, we decided to just walk around the center. It is beautiful! I find it nicer than the other big cities in Belgium. I love their chocolates, OMG! They have waffles, crepes and more chocolates. They also love doing handwork like stitching, Brugge is one big museum.

I still can’t get over this view, our hotel gave  us their best room. This is what we see whenever we wake up in the morning. You can see swans swimming around and hear all the birds chirping

Another thing in Brugge, it seems that it never sleeps. Brugge is filled with lights at night and when you are there, you feel like you are walking in a fairytale. People are also just walking around and enjoying the lovely sight of this city.

Oh and when you are in Brugge, don’t miss out on eating their mussels. It is one of their specialty there. They even have different kinds of sauces that will really make your mouth water.

France: Lille

This day, we decided to visit Lille, France.

First impression: Big city, busy and the buildings are comparable as the ones in Paris. But of course, Lille have it’s own identity by the architectures around it.

Since we are staying in Brugge, Belgium during that time, we decided to explore the nearby cities and found out that Lille is not that far away from our current location. We looked at our navigation and go through to our unplanned trip.

It is a sunny busy day as I may say. It feels and really looks different from Brugge. Lille have nice buildings and a center. It is alive! Lots of shops and restaurants and it is nice to walk around the city. Lille also have a very big park where you can rent a bike and roam around it. Outside the center, tall buildings surrounds Lille, they are really not my favourite but they go together to the city feeling.

We spend 4 hours in Lille walking and shopping. It is a nice experience to visit this lovely city.




Belgium: Brugge

We love Brugge.

That is why we stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days when we are just planning to stay for a day or two.

We arrived late in Brugge and found this hotel that is near the canal, it’s called Duc de Bourgogne We werent sure at first if it is a hotel or a restaurant but it turns out to be both. Upon entering the hotel, the staff greeted us and was friendly enough to make arrangements eventhough we dont have any reservations. We ended up staying 3 nights when we only booked for a night. We got 2 different rooms. The first one we got was a smaller room but have a great view of the canal. We considered ourselves lucky to get the room in such short notice. The bed was ok and the room is clean. You can also say that the hotel is already old, but they have an amazing classical feeling of the hotel. But after spending our first night at bars we decided to book the room again in the morning, they told us that our room is already reserved for the next visitor and because of that, they told us that they will give us a different room. The next room they gave us was their biggest room for the same amount of price. We were so happy and at the same time gave us that wow factor! The suite is big, it has a big bed, sofa chairs, a tub and shower and of course a very big view of the canal. Nice windows and relaxing feeling. 

Breakfast is starting 7am-10am and you will get varieties of bread, cheese, ham and others. Their restaurant is pretty and also having a view of the canal. For the price we pay, i think its worth it, a luxurious experience. Would love to go back. 


Since we arrived late in Brugge, we decided to walk around eventhough we were really tired from the travel.We find it really pretty most especially at night when everything glows. We literally did not sleep the first day because we cant get enough of the surroundings and met some amazing people. 

“Jack” the Jack Russell

Just wanted to share that last November 28 2015, we adopted a Jack Russell. This little cutie finally found its home, with us. We are so happy to have him, he’s the sweetest dog and the real owned dog I’ve ever had.
Jack is born on the 28th of August 2014 and weighs 7.6kgs. He is a well trained puppy and have super duper high levels of energy. He loves to play the ball and his frisbee. He loves walking at the beach and his playground is the dunes of Zandvoort. He also have 2 bestfriends now, they are burre (frisse stabij dutch dog) and bonne (spanish podengo dog). He is very intelligent and a quick learner. Shows tricks for treats. He is trully a Jack Russell.

But, there’s a long story behind the adoption. I was at work and had no clue that my husband will adopt a dog. He told me that it was a spontaneous plan and it was actually a suggestion of my mom-in-law to get a dog. He told me that he first went doggie accessories shopping and even had no idea if he can get or what kind of dog he will be able to bring home at that day. He and his mom went to 3 animal shelters before they found this little sweetie.

My husband was picking me up from work and seeing Jack in the car sitting at the front seat, I was kinda confused. I actually dont know how to react. The first thing I’ve even said was “What is that?!, whose dog is that?!” At my surprise, my husband told me, it’s your dog, our dog. I even told him that I dont believe that it’s ours and asked for a proof. Looking at his passport and adoption papers I was in total shock, I even told him that “You know that im allergic to dogs right?” But he just told me, “you’ll soon get over it and for sure you’ll love him”… I was very hesitant and full of worries at the first minutes, but after a while of petting I told my husband that I love this dog. I’m glad you got him for me, for us.

So yeah, i’m now a proud owner of a Jack Russell and here is the first ever photo I took of him.